Two weeks from today, I will be heading out to a Kaiser in Richmond to have surgery.

Two weeks. I’m terrified.

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been working towards this since October 2015. That was my first visit with an endocrinologist. It was quite a long process before I finally got an appointment with a surgeon. You have to be 18 in order to get surgery, so that was the first obstacle. My endo was in pediatrics, he didn’t know how to help me move towards surgery. I ended up waiting til I was 18 (May 2016) to actually pursue it.

From then, the problem was Kaiser. They aren’t all that great with knowing where to send people. I went to a lot of appointments and was referred to quite a few people before I found someone that even knew what to do with me. Of course, there was also all sorts of paperwork and questions to answer to make sure I knew what I wanted and what I was getting into. In October 2016 I was finally referred to a surgeon in Oakland and set up an appointment for my winter break in December. A year since I first asked a health care professional what I needed to do to get surgery and in two months I would be meeting with a real live surgeon.

From that appointment until now, there have been all sorts of other appointments in person as well as over the phone. That in itself was a process, but at least I knew I was finally in the right place.

Initially, I was just looking to get a hysterectomy. I’ve been on T since January 2016, but my periods continued regularly through the end of August that year and have since come back on two separate occasions. But that’s a whole different rant. Anyways. I hate that aspect of my body more than anything else. I can live with my chest how it is. I can’t live with having a period, especially after I thought it had stopped for good. It’s beyond depressing being so brutally reminded of how my body naturally functions.

Huge shout out to those of you that dealt with me helped me through it those couple of times it came back. I know I wasn’t exactly fun to be around. It means a lot.

At my first appointment with my surgeon for the hysto, I found out something incredible. They can do top surgery and the hysterectomy at the same time. Two surgeons, same place, same time. There’s just a little more risk, and a little more recovery time. One less separate surgery means one less summer I have to spend laying around the house recovering. One more summer I have to play my horn, or take classes, or find an internship or a music festival to advance my future career. There are so many opportunities out there. The less time I have to spend laid up at home the better.

Of course, trying to get top surgery as well came with its own paperwork and appointments. Meeting with my plastic surgeon. Getting her to communicate with my surgeon for the hysto. Getting actually scheduled for surgery. It wasn’t too hard to coordinate now that I was talking to the right people, but it was a long process in its own right.

In March 2017, I got my date for surgery. It was finally set. June 5th. The day I would die.

Nah, I’m not gonna die. It really is a pretty low chance. Plenty of people have gone through the same thing and come out on the other side. But just in case, I’m gonna worry about it!

Two weeks and my life is gonna change. Forever. For better.

Two weeks.




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